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YOU FIT YOU. It's more than a name, it's just the truth. You're perfect as you are. But if you want to be more, we're here to help you along the way. We want to see you succeed, not just in fitness goals but in every facet of your life. We believe where you are now is not where you will be tomorrow, whether you break a sweat or not. Always remember, at this moment...YOU FIT YOU...perfectly.


By DLG Arts

In our portrait series, we take everyday photos and transform them into gallery-worthy customized digital paintings.


Mocha My Heart focuses on the beauty and grace of the melanin skinned dancer and athlete. Sprinkled with a little black girl magic, our images provide a lens where we see women and girls of color as the focal point and the depiction of beauty and black excellence.



Charles R. Carter Legacy is devoted to preserving the life, the inspiration and the collection of Painter, Sculptor, Jewelry Maker, Visual and Musical Artist, Charles R. Carter. Charles was known for his creative work and his unique life.

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